Stacy Ann Raposa

Actor, Voice-Over Artist
Originally from the suburbs of Boston, Stacy left the East Coast for sunny California in 1996. It was less than a year later, at the age of 26, that she enrolled in college for the first time. She registered for a class in theatre and immediately fell in love with the performing arts.

Having spent many years "behind the scenes," writing and directing, Stacy finally decided it was time to venture to the other side and put all of her acting classes to good use, and has been auditioning ever since.

In addition to writing, acting and directing, Stacy has also created a Solo Performance show called Bare Naked Angels, a three-month discovery process during which she guides actors through writing assignments and exercises in order to create their own autobiographical pieces.

Stacy is married to actor Andrew Thompson and has two dogs, Niko and Blackjack. She is a die-hard Patriots fan and loves tattoos, motorcycles, classic cars, philosophy and penguins.

Currently, Stacy can be seen in a new webseries that she is producing with her husband. L.A. Paranormal is a new take on a ghost-hunting series that approaches the paranormal with a sense of humor.